who we are

Basha Auction is an online portal to the world of auto auctions, brokerage, selling, checking and evaluating cars
This innovative technology allows buyers in all governorates of the country to search, buy and import any type of cars offered on this site and according to their choice. Cars are displayed and are located in the United Arab Emirates and the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.
Our logistics department uses land and / or sea transportation to deliver cars that are bought through the website - Basha Auction -
Our services to you also include the delivery of cars imported from outside the country, as well as completing the customs clearance process and extracting official papers in a regular manner.
And for the first time in the region, cars are offered for sale from inside the country and from all governorates, where anyone who wants to sell his car can visit one of the branches - Basha Auction - to have the car examined, write a report on its condition and enter it into the live auction.
We have pledged ourselves on credibility, as it will be our constant feature in dealing
Our goal is to satisfy you, to win your trust and maintain it, to serve you by using the latest IT, devices and modern software.
BashaMazad is a company established by businessmen who have decades of experience in the auto trade. We look forward to meeting all your needs in buying, selling and importing all types of car
By following the steps you will be on the right path to bid and buy through Basha Auction:
1. Join the Basha Auction
2. By adding a deposit or promotion to the membership of the Basha Auction
3. Search for cars
4. Participation in auctions
5. Bidding
6. Payment and receipt
7. You can also follow most of these steps on your mobile phone using the Basha Auction mobile application

The application is free of charge
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